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They call me: “Left n’ right “


Name: Tumelo Molubi
Nick Name: Left n’ right
Born: 2002-07-19
School: Thuto-lore
Grade: Grade 8
Position: Middle fielder
Jersey No: 10
Team: Meadowlands Academy F.C.
League Goals: 31 (2 seasons)
Appearances: 47 (2 seasons)
Best Player: Yeye, Iniesta
Favourite Take Away: KFC
Favourite Teams: Kaiser Chiefs & Barcelona

Tumelo blossomed into one of the kasi’s finest young dribbling middlefielders. A remarkable and skillful athlete who wins the ball and distribute it effectively with both feet. His vision enables those spectacular and accurate passes his fans and strikers now expect.
Apart from playing for the under 13s his great talent allows him to win his seniors crucial matches since he even competes with the U/15 and U/17s. He has much respect for Andreas Iniesta and he’ll strive to play abroad in his career. As Tumelo is in possession of the ball his fans and coach would quote “A,B,C.. 1,2,3… Football made simple.”IMG_6632 chopy

Tumelo says he is currently playing for the under 13 of Meadowlands
Academy F.C, and he has a great relationship with his team mates, especially Sbonga who has been a friend from grade 1 to date. When playing together, they make things happen in the field and his wish is to play for Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. He says he chose to play for academy because he felt that the coach (Chippa) is the one who can guide his career to greater heights.


Mother: Motshedisi Ellen Molubi
Tumelo grew up a very quiet child who liked playing with a Ball and watching older players play, until he started school and played for Chippa who liked what Tumelo could do with the Ball. I decided to allow him to join Meadowlands Academy, and I always prepare good food for him when he goes to play football to give him enough energy. I encourage Tumelo to focus also on his schooling while still playing soccer so that there could be correct balance in his life, I wish that he grows up being as good as he is and pray that his dream of being a big soccer star materialises. He has promised to buy me a House once he starts earning bigmoney as a professional player.


Sister: Dipuo James
I am Tumelo’s sisters and he grew up a very quiet child and we developed a very good bond. When his coach Chippa came to tell me that Tumelo loves soccer, but does not have soccer boots and decide to watch him play so that I don’t just buy boots today and tomorrow he is no more interested and I wasted money. On the day I went to the Grounds to watch him play, I saw a different Tumelo altogether and wondered if this was the same person I know. He played so well and I discovered that he is very popular soccer player, loved by both team mates and the fans.
I then decided to give him support by buying Boots for him, and when he goes to play I asked him if he is ready and he answered “I was born ready”. From then on I realised that he is indeed passionate about his sport and wish that all his dreams come true.


Brother: Tshepo Molubi
I am Tumelo’s brother and he is last of the five children, he is very passionate about his football and he even skips breakfast just to go play soccer. He is also a very loving person for his Family, friends and Team mates and is always concerned when one of his team mates is not around. Tumelo is a very skill full player and he is nicknamed “Left and Right” because of what he does when in possession of the ball, even when I take my friends to watch him play they never stop talking about his skill with the ball. Tumelo is a Kaizer Chiefs fan and I think if he continues playing the way he does, then he has a greater chance of playing for both Chiefs and South Africa.

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    i don’t know HW to thank my family n mzantsi soccer style for the things they DD for me

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