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Started to play soccer at early age. I was born in home of footballers my Uncles where the best players at their era so I follow their steps as they always encourage me play the game. My Father was a player as well but didn’t want me to play the game like me always telling me about School. He used to beat me every time when was from the pitch asking me why I’m not leaning from him Soccer won’t take me any way.

In the year 2002 I moved to Meadowlands permanently to stay with my Mother. At that time I was still very crazy about the game, every day after school me and my Friends we were going to play till very later, that’s we My Mother stated to complain a lot then. Every day she found me done nothing at home, She had to start cleaning and cooking from the start. And that’s when she starts to teach me a lesson, No school money no more new clothes.

At was in mid-year 2004 when I swear to myself that I won’t play at school anymore and I won’t play before my homework is than because I was also not doing well at school. Every launch time I was just watching my friends playing. I didn’t know that I can entertain people commentating the game to tell the truth I was very shy that my friends going to make jokes about it, one day I gave try and every one was asking me to do it again and I was still very shy Friend of mine Thabiso Direng who is also Commentator very good one motivated me very well.

I did not think I was that good as I was just joking around, giving guys bad and good names, you will find hundreds of people surrounding me and laughing ill launch time finish Some would come collect me at lunch time to the gum tree just near the netball team where we used to play at Kelokitso High. Unfortunately they have cut that tree now. Since then I realize that there is a potential and willingness to take it further. I started commentating for the juniors’ at Kwa Mahlobo festive tournaments year 2004.

It as not easy but I was pushed my Supporters who believed in me asking me to go and entertain them at the higher level. I get there no one believed in me and I was not allowed to take the mike. Till one day all their commentators where absent, I went to one of the Organisers Mr Fats Nhlapo and we agreed that if I make wrong things or if I’m not  that good he will kick me out, I started doing my thing and just after my first game on the mike, he called me and asked me why I haven’t come before as he told me I’m the best. He told me that he wants to see me daily. I went there till the games finished an I was compensated by R200 for my effort that was my first commentating ever and I was every happy as it was my first one very motivating.

Since then I have been Commentating at different places and stadiums. In 2008 I was invited by Super sports for auditions at their Studio at Randburg unfortunately things didn’t go well as I thought but only the GOD ALLMIGHTY knows about it why I didn’t get a contract as I was Supposed to sign one. Football is the best Sports I have ever acknowledged, yes I did play other sports but I think I was attracted to.

I always tell the People that Kasi football is different to Modern football as our Players are not given enough chance to show case their talent. Someone was asking me if I believe in Kasi football? And I said to him you know the Modern football is an adaptation from Overseas Kasi football is in our blood, it is our Culture that’s why you find our players struggling at premier soccer league, it is because of being hard for them to adapt to new Coachers every time Kasi football is the best believe it or not.

I was very Happy the time Dr Jordaan announce Mr Ephraim (Shakes) Mashaba as our new National coach, because in Shakes I believe that’s I’m saying with no fear that Success if coming on our way. He know our Culture, He knows our Style of Play and no one is going to struggle about adopting tothe new Style. That’s why Overseas countries excel is because of believing in their Culture and giving the Support to their National Coachers.

Academic level is still very poor in our Country because of Parental support still behind, Coachers not getting enough Support and getting lots of discouragement form our Society. Please let’s be there for our kids, let’s stop discouragement and grow our Nation if you send someone to go and represent your Country support that person so that he/she can make you proud. Let’s invest in young ones and teach them the right ways, lets believe in coachers who always there for our kids not puff and pass they going to brake us. War against Drugs and Alcohol in our Society. Our kids are engage in Drugs more than sports which are kill the all community.

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