editors-note-rescaledMzansi, welcome to the next issue of your favourite Kasi Magazine.

The Mzansi Soccer Style Magazine has come off age in that the 5th issue is upon us, and we are really growing and even being recognised within the soccer fraternity as the platform to showcase the kasi football. Thanks to all the readers who make contributions regularly about various articles featured in the magazine.

Easter Holidays have become synonymous with soccer tournaments, and Moso Ndofaya Easter Challenge is the one that comes to mind. This tournament has become the one to look forward to,and since its inception in 2012 every team wants to play there because of high profile nature of organisation.

The Moso Ndofaya Easter Challenge first started in 2012, and has over the years consistently attracting top teams in Soweto and beyond. This year marks a new milestone as the beginning of a new three year sponsorship with Moso Consulting Service who have been the consistent sponsor of this big event.

The player profile is intertwined with that of Meadowlands Academy and their Prezza, where the player, his coach and the Club are covered together. The player is a 14 year old star with a promising career, and he is guided by the coach cum Prezza who nicknamed him Left’n Right. The Prezza is an enigma in football, as he is what Meadowlands Academy F.C is with its 7 divisions of various age groups

The Kasi football derives lot of benefits from professional players that grace the events, to encourage the younger players to emulate them. This year’s Ndofaya Easter Challenge was graced by the presence of four Wits University players who made time to be part of this great event. We would very much like to encourage other professionals to do same, as part of ploughing back to communities they come from.

Sharp, till next issue

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